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On Temporary Vegetarianism..

February 3, 2014

Well, I officially made it through the venture into 1 month of vegetarianism! It had its ups and downs, and was actually more interesting an endeavor than I had imagined. In some respects it was nice to only have a handful of choices when eating out – made decision making easier and quicker – but on the other hand I can see how that would start to get old pretty fast. Overall I would say it won’t be a permanent change for me – but I will certainly be making more of an effort to eat vegetarian when possible. So for a fun little wrap up I thought it best to recap with a few short thoughts, experiences and adventures. If you’ve ever given it a try, let me know how your experience went!

fruits & veggies 2

  • Burned myself out on hummus in the first 3 days
  • Accidentally ate a slice of charcuterie on day 2 without thinking about it
  • Gotten a mild case of food poisoning
  • Had the benefit of a fantastic husband and lovely friends who went out of their way to either make or pick up veg food for me
  • Picked precious Benton’s bacon off a salad
  • Picked chicken off of nachos so as to not disrupt a group order
  • Ate tofu only about 3 times
  • Ate seitan once
  • Ate any form of “fake” chicken or other faux-meat never
  • Ate zero veggie burgers.. not sure how that happened..
  • Tried some great new recipes
  • Made some great standby veg recipes
  • Hit a wall and almost given up 3 weeks in
  • Tried new restaurants and managed to stay the path: Woodlands  & Sunflower Cafe (well those two were easy, lets be honest), Josephine, Two Ten Jack, Chelsea Bistro
  • Practically drooled over the dumplings at Josephine, the pate at Lockeland Table and yakitori at Two Ten Jack
  • Survived a potluck filled with the delicious food of all my lovely food blogger friends 
  • Let my husband eat the free Banh Mi I won from Interasian – but in turn got myself the most delicious Brussels Sprout salad from Biscuit Love Truck
  • Managed to lose a couple pounds
  • Ate a lunch solely of iceberg lettuce and bread at a catered meeting
  • Ate cheese and crackers for dinner only once (ok maybe twice)
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  1. February 4, 2014 2:48 pm

    You make it sound so hard! I’ve been vegetarian for nearly 14 years now and have never struggled with wanting something I could not have…except for some sushi and raw oysters. I don’t eat anything very often except veggie burgers and there’s a nice variety out there, so I don’t get burned out.

    But the lettuce and bread for a meeting? I’ve been there. Also, my biggest disappointment has been with people in foodservice who don’t think poultry and fish are meats. And don’t realize that animal broths aren’t vegetarian. I’ll never understand that.

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