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Fresh Harvest – a fresh alternative to the CSA

July 17, 2013

Nashville is blessed with many great farmers markets during the spring and summer, giving residents a chance to experience the local produce of the season. Many of the farms that participate in these farmers markets offer CSA subscriptions to sample their goods. The concept of the CSA, or community supported agriculture, is that you invest upfront in the farm of choice and you receive the bounty of the crop as the season progresses. Many farms offer half or full share, and most work out to be around $20-$30 per weekly, or bi-weekly, box. We have done several different vegetable CSA shares in the past and always been very happy with how its gone – it is a fantastic way to increase your intake of fresh vegetables, and also sample items you may not usually purchase. However, the problem most people find with CSA’s is that it is just a lot of food to handle, especially if you are a single individual or travel frequently. Fresh Harvest is a fantastic alternative to that.

strawberry 2

Fresh Harvest is a co-op started by 2 local farms, Drury Family Farm and Turnbull Creek Organic Farm. They joined forces to offer a subscription-based alternative to CSA’s and farmers markets. Both these farms, in addition to a handful of other farms that participate in co-op, sell all Certified Organic or Certified Naturally Grown produce. Meaning that while not all of the farms may go through the strict regulatory standards to be certified organic, it is still grown in the same manner. Not only do these farms offer a wide array of the fruit and vegetables currently in season, but they also some of the most beautiful flowers out there.551878_612934805387009_861250923_n

Every Sunday evening subscribers to their email list are sent a link to that week’s market. A quick visit to the website and you will find all of the veggies, fruit and flowers that will be ready for harvest that week. Place an order online, and pick up your bounty on Wednesday afternoons. These orders aren’t just limited to the harvest that these farms have to offer either. They have teamed up with other local artisans to bring you meat from Bear Creek & Wedge Oak Farms, cheese from Bloomy Rind, bread form Twin Forks, coffee from Bongo Java and sweets from Dozen Bakery. It takes all the pit stops you could make at a Saturday morning farmers market, and puts it at your digital fingertips. For those of you who can’t always make a trip to the farmers markets, or are looking for an alternative to the CSA where you get a little more say in the matter, I highly recommend you check out Fresh Harvest. To sign up for their email list visit

-This post was also featured in the Tennessean! Check it out here

**photos provided by Fresh Harvest**


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