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The Catbird Seat

March 2, 2012

This week Alan and I had the opportunity to finally make the long awaited trip to The Catbird Seat.

We had been hoping for a trip here since the day it was announced, and were finally able to make it happen for Alan’s birthday.

Words really cannot describe how wonderful our experience was. From the attentiveness of Ben Goldberg, to the fantastic drink from Jane Lopes, not the least of all to mention the fantastic creative abilities of Josh Habiger and Erik Anderson – every bit far exceeded the very high expectations we had for the evening. Bravo to all involved – you have a good thing going, keep making Nashville proud!

Honestly describing what the meal was like is something better explained in person. The best justice we can do our meal in this medium is to take you through a photo journey of our evening, accompanied with what we can manage to remember as a description of the events. We hope you enjoy the journey, and make a visit to the Catbird Seat soon to experience all the joy for yourself. Enjoy!

Island Creek Oyster w/ cucumber & yuzu, Cornbread w/ bacon pudding, Hot chicken skin w/ wonderbread puree & dill

Abalone w/ red eye gravy, mustard greens, roasted cauliflower & shaved lobster roe

Butternut squash & shrimp curry bisque w/ pork belly, bok choy & pickled beach mushrooms

Poached monkfish w/ coconut & parsnip puree, habanero jelly, mango cream & allspice foam

Pigeon leg and breast w/ caramelized yogurt & roasted black radishes

Wagu beef covered in kale ash w/ black trumpet mushrooms, salsify, prune puree & black truffles

Foie gras w/ frozen grapefruit, gingersnaps & creme de cassis


Cucumber & Lemongrass semi-frado w/ lime sherbert, basil seeds &  toasted rice milk

Maple custard w/ bacon chip

Pineapple gelle w/ vanilla cake, cherry crisp & bourbon balls

Coffee & cream oreo

The perfect end to the evening, compliments of Josh – a sip of Fernet Branca

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