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National Pick Local Fruit Day

July 10, 2011

Okay, okay. So I created a holiday. I was just so darn excited about the fruit picking day that my wonderful friend Dana and I had planned that I just couldn’t help it. This past Saturday we planned a trip to several farms in middle Tennessee to pick peaches and blueberries. There were many more farms to choose from than I expected, but we finally settled on 2, trying to find ones relatively close together so we could knock out both fruit easily.

The best resource I found was – while a terribly obnoxious and horribly designed (if you can even say it is designed at all) website, it seemed to have a pretty comprehensive list of the picking option for each county. For peaches we went with Pratt’s Orchard, and for blueberries we went with Kelley’s Berry Farm (sorry no website….) – both out in Lebanon, TN.

Our day started at Pratt’s

Cute little orchard, you literally drive right past their house to get to the peach trees. We were greeted by a local highschool who I can only assume is workin his summer job at the peach farm (for some reason the song Strawberry Wine by Deana Carter just popped into my head.. hmm), handed some baskets and off we go!

I didnt get a good picture of the haul, but all said and done we walked away with about 65 lbs of peaches between the 2 of us. 4 baskets full.

Then it was off to Kelley’s for some berry picking. Not gonna lie, was a bit over the photos by the time we got into this, because by this time it was hot as Hades outside and the ball of fun had definitely deflated a bit (that and you would not have enjoyed seeing pictures of us at this point…). But we persevered! They still had some blackberries so we decided to each get a bucket. Nice surprise but definitely alot of work. Those suckers are on some thorny thorny bushes, and they definitely make you hunt for those jewels of fruit. 

We each managed a bucket 3/4 full before we threw in the towel. Surprisingly much more grapey flavor than the tartness you expect from a blackberry. Interesting.

After much rehydration we ventured out to the blueberry bushes. Much easier to pick, but still not easy work. The berry picking definitely gave us both alot more appreciation for the farm laborers who do this all day every day. 

All in all our haul included:
65 lbs of peaches
6 lbs of blackberries
16 lbs of blueberries

The rest of the weekend was entirely consumed with dealing with this mass of fruit. Expect many many blog posts in the near future about that adventure (for better, or for worse… don’t get me started on white peaches right now…)

So there you have it! Do any of you guys have farms you love to go out and pick each year? Any others I need to add to my list for years or months to come?? 

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