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Delvin Farms!

June 14, 2011

Well summer produce and all its glory is finally starting to filter in! That makes me one happy girl. Just before we left for Spain we got our 1st delivery from Delvin Farms. They are one of the largest organic farms in middle TN and they are great at what they do. I think they have something like 800 participants in their CSA each year? Thats crazy. Crazy awesome.

While not too dis-similar from what we were getting from Bountiful Blessings over the course of our winter CSA, our first delivery was still just as exciting and beautiful. Several heads of lettuce, rainbow chard, spring onions, kale, young garlic and strawberries (yeah… lets not talk about the fate of these guys). Since we were heading off to trot the globe we handed them off to some of our good friends who had recently taken up a meat CSA over at Peaceful Pastures, and were considering the veggies.

Delivery #2, however, is what definitely got me excited!

Kale & collards as usual, 3 heads of broccoli, cauliflower, yellow squash, spring onions, young garlic and dellliiicious cherry tomatoes. I like tomatoes, but cherry tomatoes have never really been my fav. That being said I’m pretty sure 99% of my experiences up until now had been with grocery store cherry tomatoes. Something about them always bugged me – but these are amazing. So full of flavor I could just eat them like candy.

The broccoli and cauliflower went into a delicious broccoli slaw and kale chips were made for a recent day of pool lounging and grilling. Zero regrets. 

Welcome summer. Please, make yourself comfortable and stay awhile. (although I would appreciate it if you could knock the temp down a few degrees… cool?)

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