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La Boqueria – Seafood

June 4, 2011

The seafood section at La Boqueria was one of the most incredible things I have ever seen. The day before we went to La Boqueria we also went to the market in Cadiz, southern Atlantic coast of Spain, so a few of these shots are from there as well. While we didn’t take any of these home to eat, we had plenty of fresh seafood while in Spain and it was all incredible. Makes just all that more depressing to be in a land locked state line Tennessee…. So here you have it!

Salted Sardines

Salted other assorted fish



If only I could put into perspective how large this tuna head was. Bigger than a basketball, thats for sure!

There was a little sign next to these guys telling you not to touch – because they were still alive!

Check out those gills!

Razor clams!


Hake – look at those teeth!! Not to mention the giant eyeballs… reminds me of a barracuda

Some awesome fish scalling action

Stingray… yum?

Now THAT is some Tuna

and THAT is a beautiful salmon


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