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La Boqueria – Meat, Cheese, Spices and the best of the rest

June 4, 2011

Last, but certainly not least the meats, cheeses, spices and eggs.

Spaniards love their cured meat, if you couldn’t tell!

Iberian Ham is one of the big things in Spain, practically every meal and every sandwich involves the thinest slices of this rich, fatty, acorn fed ham. It is melt in your mouth delicious, and it is just hanging around almost every store and restaurant they go in. The tradition started back when the Christians took over Spain from the Moors and Jews – both of which do not eat pork. So to show off that they were Christian they would hang hams everywhere they could. Not a bad thing in my opinion!!

After they shave off the thin slices, this is whats left

Holy spices! I wanted some of that bright orange Kraft-mac-n-cheese-powder lookin stuff, but unfortunately we found out it was just colorant for rices etc. If ever you wanted yellow rice with out adding tons of cumin or curry powder I guess!

These eggs all looked amazing and so fresh

CHEEEESSEEEEE! Spain loves its manchego – and thats most of what you get at restaurants (I ain’t complaining) but the selection at the markets was amazing! More varieties of goat cheese than I have seen in my life!

The end of the tour required a pit stop at one of the market bars, creating typical Spanish tapas with the food from throughout the market. Spain’s national beer and some Spanish olives were a must.


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