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One Excited Cook

May 11, 2011

If you have perused the “Blogs We Love” section above you have perhaps stumbled upon the lovely folks over at Serious Eats. I check out what is going on over there almost daily – to be honest I also eat lunch at my desk almost daily so I justify this time by letting my mind escape to food sites for a bit. As lame as that may sound, IT HAS FINALLY PAID OFF. Okay not finally, I love my foodie lunch hour, but I am uber excited about the way it just paid off….

First please see this

Then see this !!!!!!

I won!

As you all are well aware, I love goat cheese. I also love goat. Well okay I’ve cooked it about a total of twice, but still, yum. Needless to say I am so excited about this cook book! Serious Eats has already highlighted a few of the recipes and they look delicious. Its got me crossing my fingers and toes that we get some more goat meat in our next CSA deliveries. 

Goat is one of the most widely eaten meat in the world. I think its high time us Americans learned to appreciate it just as much, what do ya say?

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