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An update on all things CSA related

May 10, 2011

As I am sure you’ve noticed, I have gotten past the point of documenting our current CSA deliveries. Reason being is that by now its pretty repetitive or you have seen most of it, and to be honest that is also part of why I have to say what I am about to say. 

I dont know if we are going to do the winter vegetable CSA again…

AHHHHH. Its tough to admit out loud, but we have done a bit of thinking and discussing and I think there may be a better way for us to do this. Now dont get me wrong, I love the CSA concept, I love the different vegetables it brings into our house, and I love that sometimes it forces us to get creative with vegetables because, gosh darn it, we just have to use them up before they go bad. 

What we haven’t loved about the winter CSA is……. the masses and masses of greens. Maybe we just havent lived in the south long enough to fully appreciate them, who knows, but it honestly just got to the point where it was just too much, and they often times went to waste. As you saw often times our deliveries included up to 6 different types of greens. Usually lettuce of some sort, kale or collards (but more often kale, 2 thumbs up for that), spinach, braising greens of some sort etc etc etc etc etc. Lettuce and cabbage were often completely used up and appreciated, but Alan is not much of a salad eater, and this girl can only handle salad for lunch so many days in a row. Spinach is easy, and to be honest that is probably only because it is so engrained in our culture, but I could eat sauteed spinach with just about any meal. Kale and collards are a bit more cumbersome, but I have become a bit of an expert at Kale Chips (YUM, I urge you to try) and I can handle some braised kale or collards every now and again. 

But it was the things like sweet potatoes, yukon potatoes, turnips, herbs etc that were much more readily enjoyed. That is, until the strawberries showed up.

The end of the winter season has found us now inundated with strawberries and they are AMAZING. Nothing like the strawberries you get from the grocery store. I knew they were delicious the first time I smelt them, much less sank my teeth into them, but it wasn’t until a week later when I bit into a store bought strawberry, that I truly got it. These are not tart, hard, red on the outside white on the inside strawberries – these are sweet and the brightest shade of red all the way throughout. The way God intended them. 

The strawberries alone almost swayed me back to wanting the winter CSA again – but I think I may still stick to my initial decision. 

However, when I say that I may be giving up on the winter CSA concept, I am not completely throwing up the white flag. Bountiful Blessings also has an online market from which you can order items ala carte and pick them up at the same CSA drop off spots. This would allow me to stock up on things I want to stock away in the freezer and to pick and choose what it is we will be sure to eat. Although it may end up being a bit more expensive, if there is less going to waste I think it could even out. The other option, although I haven’t fully researched this yet, is that I believe there are a few other winter CSA’s that involve winter veggies and some canned goods like summer peaches and tomatoes.

So there you have it. What about you all out there, have you tried winter CSA’s? Do you stick with it? Should I stick with it? I am super excited about the summer CSA from Delvin farms to start, the array of veggies I am mentally expecting excite me to no end. Who knows, maybe once that is over I will just not be able to function without my bi-weekly inundation of vegetables and I will get it another shot. Until then….

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