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April 23, 2011

For my wonderful husband’s birthday a few months back I ordered what is probably a pretty unusual birthday gift for most – but was perfect for him. An entire lamb! Peaceful Pastures had them available to order, he got to pick exactly how he wanted the cuts, and just this week it was ready for us to pick up. 50 pounds of lamb!

I recently read that the average American eats over 100 lbs of chicken per year, 100 lbs of beef, 70 lbs of pork and only 0.8 POUNDS OF LAMB! Now, you don’t want to get me started on how much American’s overeat on meat in the first place, but those numbers really surprised me (I’m sure there will be more on this subject later, if all my leisurely food reading has anything to do with it….. but for now, back to the lamb) And really that amount is totally skewed by the ethnic groups like Greeks and Muslims that eat it as a major part of their diet, most Americans in fact eat none. To further depress matters, lamb consumption is actually inversely proportionate to the income one earns, the more you make the less lamb you are likely to eat. This of course blows my mind, because the rack of lamb at those expensive restaurants always have me drooling and wishing I could take part more often. So because of all that, I, for one, very much look forward to our family bucking that trend this year. 25 lbs each, here we come!

The spread is pretty ridiculous – about 12 chops, 15 or so packages of cubed, about 7 or 8 steaks, 4 lamb shanks, 2 shoulder roasts, 3lbs of ground, ribs galore plus the heart, kidney and spleen!

The first night we dove straight into 2 packages of cubed, simply marinated for a few hours then grilled up for a group of our great friends. Delicious, simple, fresh

The 2 shoulder roasts will be making an appearance on our Easter dinner table, and I see many delcious lamb burgers (I aim to give those amazing Burger Up ones a run for their money…) and kebabs in our future.

Any one have any awesome lamb recipes we just have to try? If you are lucky we just might invite you over to share the bounty 🙂


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