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Grow It Yourself Mushrooms!

March 13, 2011

So recently on the hunt to find that “unique” birthday present – I bought my husband one of these: Shiitake Mushroom Log

The general premise is that these folks take organic oak logs, inject them with Shiitake Mushroom spores, and send them to you to grow! Unlike most shiitake mushrooms that are grown in beds of sawdust, these are grown in their more natural habitat and therefore should be more nutritious and have better flavor. 

The process is as easy as soaking the log in ice water for 24 hours, essentially shocking the spores into thinking it has gone from winter to spring – then wait about a week and see the mushrooms start to grow right out of the log! These logs will typically produce mushrooms for 3-4 years, on a cycle of every 2 months you will get new mushrooms, and as the years go on it will produce more each time. 

Last night we ate our first harvest and man were they delicious! Soft, delicate and the flavor was great. Check out the ‘shroom growing process below, then go order one for yourself!

Day 6?

Day 10?

Day 15? Ready to eat!


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