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CSA Delivery #6

March 6, 2011

The weather has finally turned and the veggies are back. Couldn’t be happier about that.

Delivery #6

Yukon Gold Potatoes
Sweet Potatoes
Purple Cabbage
Bok Choy
Braising Greens
Green Onions
Yukina Savoy 
Baby Radishes


How cute do these little radishes look?! Yum

So far all of the carrots have been peeled, chopped and frozen. As Im sure you’ve noticed we get lots and lots of carrots each week. I am not much of one to eat raw carrots on a regular basis so they usually end up in sauces, soups or roasts. Our pile of carrots in the freezer is growing quickly, but at least that means we will have yummy local carrots all summer long!

The Arugula, Braising Greens and Spinach all were blanched and frozen, to be used later during the week in a Miso Soup.

Now to just break down all these sweet potatoes….

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