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The day has finally come!

March 2, 2011

I know, I know (but maybe you dont…) I have been totally slacking on writing about my cheese making endeavors. I promise I will get to it soon! But the excitement I had for this day finally coming surpasses my fear of writing about cheese making.

GOAT MILK IS HERE! Noble Springs Dairy has finally gotten all their ducks (or in this case goats) in a row and are finally bottling goat milk. 

Thanks to the wonder of Facebook I found out my new favorite grocery store The Turnip Truck had it in their stores this afternoon so I went straight from work.

By the time Noble Springs sent out their eblast newsletter to say that they finally had goats milk in the market – I already had goat cheese cooking away on the stove. That is how excited I was.

Its a pretty easy and UN-time-consuming cheese to make, which is awesome. Of course its only really awesome if it tastes good in the end. Here’s to hoping – 2 days till we find out! And I promise I will share the results of my endeavor this time… and the cheese… if you are lucky…


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