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Seasonality Calendar

January 29, 2011

Today was a total weather tease in Nashville, 65 degrees, sunny and beautiful – just 3 days after snow (and likely, 3 days before it snows again, knowing our luck this year). It was wildly refreshing to get outside today and actually enjoy it. But man does it make me antsy for spring to really come. It has also become time for me to start researching our Summer CSA options. Bountiful Blessings only does the winter thing – so I have been on the hunt for another farm. I think that I have finally settled on Delvin Farms in College Grove TN, just about 40 minutes south of our house. Certified organic (which is a tough thing to accomplish) and they know our folks at Peaceful Pastures quite well (and we will definitely be signing up for the meat CSA again – and we have recruited some other friends to join as well. woohoo!)

Anyways, on the subject of spring time – the future fair weather has gotten me thinking through my game plan for this summer. What items do I want to focus on stocking up on for next winter, what do I want to try canning, etc. So for a little help with that – I give you the Seasonality Calendar. Obviously your seasonality might be a bit different than mine (especially if you are lucky enough to life in CA… jealous) so below is a link to a website which lists seasonality calendars by state. So find yours, start to learn when your favorite items are in their peak season, and get ready for spring!

(If you are in Nashville – the Nashville Farmers Market also has a good one here, which the above website doesnt give you a link to)

What fruit or veggie are you most excited about this spring??

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