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CSA Delivery #5

January 27, 2011

I dont know if I have ever been so excited for veggies in my life. Its been a month and a half…. plus….. since we have gotten fresh veggies. Again, cant exxaaccttllyy blame the farmer, have to blame this whacko winter we are having, but either way I am glad the veg is back.

I must admit, this weeks delivery is a little…well… weak. I imagine it is due to all the snow we have had, but while I am glad for finally having a delivery, I am a little disappointed with the quantity. Hopefully quality will make up for it! This weeks delivery included

Butternut squash
Carrots.. lots and lots of Carrots
Baby Lettuce
Brussel sprouts (they told me they went to harvest them and they werent quite ideal – i brought some home anyways but i have a feeling they wont quite be edible)
Red & green cabage
Orange beets
Tatsoi (another form of greens, in the same family as spinach)

Here is to a weekend of fresh veg! 

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