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A Lesson in CSA Membership

January 20, 2011

I feel as if I have been MIA for too long, and for that I apologize. It has been an interesting last month or so for us, not necessarily in a life perspective but in a food perspective so I thought I’d share a bit what I have learned recently.

Given the holiday season, we did not get our usual veggie delivery the week between Christmas and New Years. That was to be expected and didnt put too much of a damper on things as we still had a few items left from the previous delivery to tide us over. However, when the time for the next delivery came around mid January – something happened in Nashville that no one quite knew how to handle. SNOW. Thats right, snow. No matter how often it happens, the city always reacts the same. Total shutdown. In Nashville’s defense – this year has been a bit much snow-wise here – in fact its snowing again as I type. It has probably snowed 6 times so far? Im pretty sure thats more than the first 6 years I lived in Nashville combined.

As much as I would love to go on about the inability of our city to properly handle snow – I will give our farmers some credit. There really isn’t much they could do to get us veggies. The ground was frozen, the veggies were frozen, if they weren’t frozen they would have froze in the truck on the way to us. So aside from the fact that the roads were rough, the veggies would have been no good. 

Ultimately it is a lesson in the risk you take by participating in a CSA. CSA membership is essentially an investment in the farm, so you live the risks and reap the rewards right along with them. According to the Dysingers this is the first delivery they have ever missed since they started doing CSA’s. In an effort to make it up to us they are toying with the ideas of either a credit to their a-la-cart market or adding an extra delivery on at the end of the season. This gesture is greatly appreciated, although unexpected and I highly doubt the norm with other CSA’s.

We are anxiously anticipating our next delivery, to say the least. Just 7 more days.

The cause and effect of  the lack of veggies wasn’t really one I was expecting. Having less veggies meant eating less meat. Huh? Yup. We received our 3rd meat CSA delivery today and opening up the downstairs freezer, realized we probably had about 50% of our last CSA (if not more) still there. I think ultimately it boils down to, when you have fresh veggies you feel a need to use them before they go bad, and often times (or until I expand my repertoire of vegetarian dishes) that means cooking a meat item for which the veggies can accompany. I think that since we didn’t have the fresh veggies around we leaned more on dishes like pastas and risottos. I did make a fantastic Pad Thai (more on that later) – TWICE. Mainly because it was sooooooooo good – but that right there was 2 nights of no meat (not to mention 2 nights of tofu :-))

Not really sure what the point of my rant is, really just that I found the trend interesting, and not what I expected.

Here’s to hopefully more cooking and sharing in the future – until then, stay warm!


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