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In honor of the New Year – the best way to eat Black Eyed Peas yet!

December 31, 2010

Years and years ago, someone decided eating black eyed peas brings good luck. Lord only knows how that came about, but with 2011 in sight, we might as well embrace it! I discovered this recipe last year while trying to find a recipe for black eyed peas that didnt taste like dirt. Okay, I’m sure there are plenty of recipes that are worthwhile and delicious, I just cant say I’ve had them yet. 

Credit for this recipe goes to the queen of southern cooking – Mrs Paula “I’ma put a sticka buttah between two glazed donuts” Deen. So naturally there is some altering to do here 🙂

Black Eyed Pea Dip

Rather than regurgitate the recipe, I will leave it up to you to check it out – my main suggestion: NIX THE OIL. okay, not all the oil, but honestly Paula, does a fresh, healthy veggie dip really need ONE WHOLE CUP OF OIL? I say no. I go with about 1/4 cup of olive oil, and left out the vegetable all together. To make up for the missing liquid, add a bit more red wine vinegar and balsamic – better flavor anyways!

Enjoy and have a Happy New Year!!

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