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Holy Garlic Dracula!

December 22, 2010

Okay, terrible pun, but oh my lord do we have alot of garlic!

One of my favorite food blogs, Love and Olive Oil, recently had a giveaway of garlic from Singer Farm Naturals up in NY, which I of course did not win, but I did end up going a bit crazy on their website. I think my eyes (and fingers) were a little bit bigger than I expected, because we now have garlic to last us until the apocalypse (or so it feels).  

Here is our bounty. All told, 3 pounds of garlic!

The problem really started because there were so many choices! I obviously went for 3 different options

Chesnok Red – “This gourmet hardneck is a hands down culinary favorite. The “best baking garlic” according to Martha Stewart and others, it sweetens intensely when heated making it excellent for appetizers. “

Persian Star – “A distinctive hardneck with long purple-striped and red tipped cloves. Probably from Uzbekistan, this garlic retains its excelent flavor even when cooked. A zingy specialty garlic that stores well”

Nootka Rose – “An attractive silver-skin from the San Juan Islands off the Washington Coast. Cloves are streaked red on a mahogany background. Good size cloves, rich in flavor”

Each bag probably has about 12 heads of garlic, at $14/bag you figure thats just a little over $1 per head – for organic garlic I say we came out way ahead! (just as with the CSA adventures, it just hurts a bit more upfront)

So I decided we needed to do a little taste test – see if we could tell the difference between the flavors.

Raw – they all pretty much tasted like intense raw garlic

Sauteed – they all pretty much tasted like sauteed garlic, ha. To be honest there was a noticeable difference between the flavors, mainly some tasting a bit stronger than others, and obviously holding up to the cooking process better – I just cant remember which was which! Based on their descriptions above, maybe it was the Persian Star that stood out to me… but I guess we will just have to continue using them and get back to ya!

Merry Christmas and Happy Garlic Time!

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