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Farmers Market Bounty

December 8, 2010

This past weekend included a quick morning trip to the Farmers Market to see what seasonal items were overflowing from the farmers baskets that I could get my hands on. This time it was green peppers and tomatoes

In total 24 green peppers and 10 lbs of tomatoes! I could have come away with tons more, but unfortunately it was pretty apparent that these bounties had been sitting around for a bit, and picking out decent looking product was a bit time consuming. At least I got what I could before the season was over!

The peppers were great, probably 1/2 the size of your typical store bought variety. These I took and chopped up into various sizes and threw in a couple freezer bags – peppers all winter!

The tomatoes were mostly pretty small, with a few big delicious ones like shown here. I was a bit surprised that a TN farmer could still be selling tomatoes this late in the year – he says they have to pick them all before the first frost, when they are still green, and let them ripen indoors. A bit of a shame because vine ripened tomatoes sure would have been great, but given that we dont live in CA, I guess that would be hoping for too much. But hey, store bought tomatoes are ripened the same way so, cant really complain there!

Alan took a few of these guys and made a fresh tomato sauce for dinner, which was fantastic – the rest I blanched, peeled, and threw in freezer bags for more sauce later this winter!

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