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Our favorite kitchen gadgets – just in time for Christmas!

December 7, 2010

With Christmas time upon us, we are surely all struggling with the annual question of “what to get Aunt so and so”. In an effort to perhaps solve a few of your gift recipes – I give you our favorite kitchen tools and gadgets!

1) Cuisinart Smart Stick Hand Blender

We received this gadget from one of our dearest friends for our wedding. It quickly became one of our favorite go to kitchen items. Why lug out that huge heavy food processor just to blend up a few ingredients – when you have this little hand held blender that can do it for you? So much less to clean, and is perfect for chopping nuts, making a sauce, you name it.

2) Mircoplane grater

We have this little guy, but really any version will do the trick. Yes, its great for zesting citrus – but lets be honest, no one does that on a regular basis. Our favorite use for this is to grate parmesan or other cheese over a dish. No need to bust out the big box grater just for one quick dash of parm on your spaghetti when you’ve got this guy around. 

3) La Creuset anything

We swear by this thing. Dont ask me why, I dont know how it manages to cook better than other pots, maybe it doesnt, maybe its all in my head. Regardless, I dont care, I love it. Yes, they are expensive. Really expensive. I think this guy will normally set you back about $200. I often see them on sale at various online retailers, but my #1 recommendation on where to get one of these is (drum roll please….) – TJ Maxx! To be more specific I have had the most success at the TJ Maxx Home Goods Store, but I have also seen them at regular TJM. As with everything else at TJM, these are just ones that for some reason didnt sell well on their original run – maybe the color was off, maybe they were over ordered, either way you are going to get one heck of a deal! Consider these an investment that will be handed down through the generations, they really are worth it.

What are your favorite kitchen tools and gadgets???

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