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Companies and Farmers we support

November 23, 2010

In case you perhaps have not noticed – we’ve got a few handy links above! Today I just wanted to bring some attention to Companies We Support – a list of companies and farmers that we love. Most of these farms are in the Nashville area, but there are several great websites out there that can help you find farmers near you such as Slow Food USA or Local Harvest

As we explore and learn more, expect this list to change and grow – and also if you have any great folks to add to the list, please let us know!

I have mentioned some of these farms in previous blogs but I wanted to bring special attention to Ecotone Egg Farm as it is one of my newest finds. This farm, in Joelton TN, pasture raises their chickens for some beautiful eggs. They have a mobile chicken coop, so every few days their chickens are moved to a different part of the land to gobble up new bugs, grass and nutrients.

I just have one issue with it…. I rarely use eggs and they make me want to buy DOZENS! I’ve never been much of a breakfast person (I think its a textural thing that eggs dont always do it for me first thing in the morning), and I am also not much of a baker. There 2 things combined lead me with not much need for eggs,  but trust me, next time I need eggs – this is where I am going!

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