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Meat CSA – Week 1

November 18, 2010

Yesterday was our first meat CSA delivery! Not gonna lie, we were pretty excited about this one. 

The bounty was quite impressive!

2 shoulder roasts, 3 packages of ground beef, 2 packages of ground pork, 2 polish sausages, ground turkey, pork chops, ribeye, GOAT andddddddd

1 whole chicken! 

Phew!  Lots of options and lots to play with! We started off easy with a package of ground beef – Round 1: a pasta sauce with ground beef, carrots, roasted tomato etc – Round 2: tacos!

Experience so far, much meatier flavor than typical store bought ground beef. Perhaps its the cows diet, perhaps its the chance to frolic through the fields, or maybe its the lack of chemicals and water being artificially pumped into the meat (yummy eh??) – either way it was great!

I’ve got alot of good plans brewing in my head for that chicken…. until next time….

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