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October 28, 2010

Writing the first post sure isnt an easy thing. This blog has been slowly and steadily building in my mind for the last few months, and I must say I am very excited to start sharing it with the world. I guess the most appropriate introduction would be to explain my hopes and desires for this space, what I plan to share with you.

My husband and I, we love food. We love cooking it, eating it, sharing it and the fantastic way it brings people together. I will admit, my husband is the main cook in our house. It is definitely his domain most nights. And ad-libing meals is his specialty. He is not so much of a “go by a recipe” kinda guy. Creating combinations, concocting flavors, thats his thing. I, on the other hand (when I can actually manage to wrangle control of the stove away from him) need a bit more guidance. I like the knowledge that someone else has figured out how to actually make this work, but the ability to add my own flair to make it that much better.

We have recently begun a journey into the world of eating locally. I will be the first to admit I believe I have become a bit obsessed with the idea, reading books, researching farms, brainstorming blog posts, and trying to figure out the answer to the never ending question of “How do I eat local if I forgot to pack lunch for work, and the only thing around is Subway?” Expect to see plenty of my inner debates as I try to sort through the ups and downs of the desire to support our local farmers, eat better and still not break the bank.

I hope you find our adventures interesting and inspiring. Expect to see lots of talk about food, recipes, local food adventures, wine (did I mention we love wine?), restaurants, chefs, and all together good times with friends. Also, as we have many friends who also share this passion with us, don’t be surprised if you see a guest blogger now and then! Enjoy!

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